Vivarium I, first workshop

The film captures the first workshop of the Com(e)posting project, the initial preparation of the anaerobic composting module, the Vivarium, a peculiar pet, a living bacterial microcosm.
2021 10 17

Editing director – Edvinas Sinkevičius;
Operator – Nojus Paškevičius;

Partners: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, SODAS 2123, The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.

During the first Com(e)posting workshop, a prototype of an anaerobic composting module was developed. It has a capacity to become a living colony of anaerobic microorganisms (which do not require oxygen). These microorganisms, being of different species, genera and feeding on different nutrients, create a living ecosystem in a closed airless container where organic waste is converted into sugars, acids and finally fertilizers and organic methane gas. A vivarium is not a contraption or a machine. We consider it a living, unified ecosystem, a kind of a life form, often compared to cows, due to the nature of methane-producing bacteria, and to the aquarium, due to the pet-master relationship that is being developed. The Vivarium needs a community – a master – that will consistently feed the colony with its households organic waste, monitor the ecosystem’s PH, and otherwise take care of the Vivarium, just like any other pet, which in this case is a 1000L bacterial microcosm.

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