Hello, I’m Karolis.

I was born on one cold day in January 1999.

Professionally, I’m an architect, but I don’t envision myself bound by this profession, rather, I see the word “architect” as a social challenge - as a ground for deconstruction and questioning what are spaces, how and why do we create and experience them. This search expresses itself in a variety of mediums I’ve grown fond of during the years: music and sound art, visuals, hand-drawn or computer-generated, writing, critique.

I’d put my creative efforts somewhere in the “interdisciplinary” field - methods, sources, citations intermix freely, unbounded by genres or categories, as I view creativity firstly not as a process that yields a result, but rather a method of constructing discourse and communication - it’s X interacting with Y: me with the viewer, the viewer with their surroundings or nature, an inner dialogue of me with myself, etc. It’s all about dialogues, through which we find empathy and ask questions, find connections between each other - these are the most important things to me.

At the moment I’m focusing on dissecting modernity and tensions arising from it - how does the personal and human interact with that which is global, machine-like and how through technology and the freedom it provides we find new ways of expressing ourselves without limitations, but, at the same time, are put into more and more encroaching social boundaries - a paradox, one of many which form the human experience.