Neo-futuristic Walks

Neo-futuristic Walks

Authors: Goda Verikaitė, Aušra Česnauskytė
Mentor: Jürgen Bey

Neo-futuristic Walks is a series of “walkable” city inspections that shape a community of neo-futurists who collectively re-imagine new ways of urban coexistence. Through the act of walking, neo-futurists explore the primal bodily experience’s role in unfolding new relationships in and with urban environments. They employ context-sensitive speculative scenarios to live in constant preparations for the inescapable urban futures. Neo-futurists see the cities as huge lively ecosystems where every individual’s well-being is interdependent.

The first set of Neo-futuristic Walks started in Vilnius and London where an interdisciplinary community of students and other creatives were gathered for four months of city inspections. 

In June 2021, the project as a performative tour was presented at the London Festival of Architecture 2021. In August 2021, a parallel event took place in Vilnius. At the moment Neofuturistic Walks is developing further as a ‘’walkable’’ city movement and it is gathering a bigger community of neo-futurists all across Europe.

Neo-futurists in London, Vilnius and inbetween: Alisa Oleva, Aistė Gaidilionytė, Kamilė Vasiliauskaitė, Ksenia Davydova, Marisa Ferreira, Erikas Siliuk, Polina Davydova, Augustas Lapinskas, Laura Norkūnaitė, Gemma Hoult, Augusta Orlauskaitė.

Neo-futurist’s friends: Ūla Tornau (Cultural attaché in The United Kingdom), Lithuanian Culture Institute, Kipras Dubauskas, Will Jennings, Indrė Ruseckaitė, Justinas Dūdėnas, London Festival of Architecture.

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